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"With years of experience in various roles, including 16 years on the Provincial Council and as a Commissioner on the Metis Nation of Alberta Constitution Commission, I offer a wealth of knowledge in Metis culture, history, and governance. As a dedicated advocate for reconciliation, inclusivity, and equality, my vision for the future involves actively participating in the development of strong and equitable laws for the Otipemisiwak Metis Government, ensuring the rights and interests of all Metis citizens are considered in legislation, and securing Federal recognition and implementation of Metis Governments." -KC
  • Continue on the path of Nation Building as a team player on the Citizens' Council
  • Be the continuous thread from the Constitution Commission to the implementation of the Otipemisiwak Metis Government     
  • Participate on the development of strong, equitable and fair laws for the Otipemisiwak Metis Government
  • Ensure the rights and interests for all Metis in the province including children, families, communities, trappers, harvesters and businesses are considered in applicable legislation     
  • Work toward reconciliation with other Indigenous people, communities and governments, as well as, the municipal, provincial and federal governments     
  • Assist in the progress of securing the Federal legislation for recognizing and implementing the Metis Governments     
  • Ensure the Metis within Alberta have a stable government that is not governed by the Societies Act
  • Work closely with the Otipemisiwak Metis Government's administration and other levels and branches of our government
  • Commit to ensuring that the citizens remain updated and are included in aspects of moving our Nation forward on this path to a Treaty with the Government of Canada
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