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MEET Karen

Honoring the Past. Embracing the Present. Building the Future. 

Greetings, esteemed Metis Citizens!

I hope this message finds you well as we embark on an important journey to strengthen and build the Metis Nation within Alberta. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a prosperous future, firmly rooted in the constitution of the Otipemisiwak Metis Government. This endeavor demands dedication and hard work to ensure that future generations can thrive.

Allow me to introduce myself as a Nation builder, ready to contribute my knowledge, skills, and abilities in service of our community. With 16 years of experience on the Provincial Council and significant ministerial responsibilities, including Co-Minister for Metis Rights and Accommodation, I believe I am well-equipped to represent and uphold the rights and interests of Metis citizens in the St. Paul Cold Lake Metis District.

My involvement with the Metis Nation of Alberta Constitution Commission has granted me an intimate understanding of the vision and intentions of the Commissioners as we developed the approved Otipemisiwak Metis Government Constitution. Additionally, I have actively participated in various MNA affiliates, serving as a Board of Director for Apeetogosan, Metis Crossing, and Board of Governor for Rupertsland Institute. I have also been a member of Working Groups responsible for the Metis Knowledge Themes guides for teachers.

My commitment to our Metis Nation extends beyond professional engagements. I continually act as a resource person in schools and youth workshops, seizing every opportunity to inform others about the ongoing progress of the Metis Nation within Alberta. Our rights and interests must remain at the forefront of all levels of government, influencing policies, programs, and services that respect our unique cultural identity.

I firmly believe that addressing crucial matters, such as education, child and family services, the justice system, housing, homelessness, harvesting, trapping, and land issues, is vital to secure a prosperous future for our people.

As a team player with a track record of honesty and integrity, I have served as a Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta for 28 years. My dedication to our Nation has remained steadfast throughout various career positions and in raising my sons, Usini and Owen. I cherish our history, languages, culture, and traditions, which form the bedrock of our distinct, resilient, and vibrant identity as an Aboriginal people with inherent Indigenous rights.

Together, let us build a strong foundation for our Nation and ensure that our voices are heard, our rights are respected, and our culture flourishes for generations to come.


  • Always been a Nation Builder in years of experience working with communities, organizations and Indigenous governments

  • 16 years on Provincial Council including ministerial positions for Economic Development, Education and Co-Minister of Metis Rights and Accommodation

  • Intimate knowledge of the Otipemisiwak Metis Government constitution as a Commissioner on the Metis Nation of Alberta Constitution Commission

  • Commissioner for Oaths in the Province of Alberta for 28 years

  • Previous experience as an administrator, policy analyst, negotiator and community development

  • Knowledgeable of Metis culture, history, values and beliefs

  • Knowledgeable values, beliefs and the Michif and Cree languages

  • Honest, reliable, trustworthy, responsible, team player with a high level of integrity

  • Firm believer in reconciliation, inclusivity and equality

  • Strong supporter for education, children's services, health and Metis rights and interests 

  • Past member of the Apeetogosan Board of Directors, Metis Crossing Board of Directors Rupertsland Institute Board of Governors, including the Working Group who developed the Foundational Knowledge themes guides for Alberta Teachers

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